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Power Yoga(the total strength & flexibility workout)


Author: Birch, Beryl Bender

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Description: Tens of thousands of athletes know Beryl Bender Birch, Wellness Director for the New York Road Runners Club, as the teacher who showed them that yoga could protect them from injuries and improve their athletic performance. In Power Yoga, the first book on astanga yoga, a unique form of hatha yoga designed to build strength and stamina, Birch brings the ancient spiritual and physical practice to the West. Through anecdotes, detailed instructions, and hundreds of illustrations, Birch provides a total workout plan that’s perfect for elite athletes, weekend warriors, and people just starting a fitness program. The Power Yoga workout combines dynamic breathing with a series of strong, flowing movements that create a high-heat, high-energy workout. “It (Power Yoga) will work on your body, your mind, your whole self,” says Birch. The end result is a stronger, more flexible body; increased endurance, discipline, and self-awareness; and better overall health and fitness.