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Pre-Cleanse Guidelines


It is best to read through and implement the following guidelines a few weeks prior to starting the cleanse. Most likely, the program you are about to follow is very different from your usual diet and routine. The pre-cleanse guidelines transition you into a healthier lifestyle and prepares your body for cleansing. Although steps 1-6 are specifically designed to precede cleansing protocols, they are excellent permanent additions or changes to make in your life. Guidelines 7-11 are important to begin at least one week before the cleanse. The sooner you get started on these pre-cleanse guidelines, the better.

  1. See a licensed alternative health care practitioner before beginning any cleansing protocol. This a priority if you have a serious health condition including, though not limited to, a terminal, genetic or autoimmune disease. Consult an alternative health care professional if you have chronic digestive problems, diabetes, hypoglycemia, or if you are taking prescription or non-prescription drugs.
  2. Additionally, we strongly recommend electrodermal screening or darkfield microscopy/live blood cell testing to get a better understanding of your health profile, so you can best formulate an effective plan for aggressive healing.
  3. Obtain pure water for drinking, showering, bathing and cooking. Handle this first and foremost. Go back and read about water in the Natural Cures book if you are not convinced you need to have a pure water source, now.
  4. Change what you eat and where you buy your food. Rather than consuming large amounts of processed, chemically laden food, transition the majority of your diet to whole foods. Shop at health food stores and farmer’s markets or find online sources for quality organic foods. Keep your kitchen stocked with organic fruits, vegetables, and raw (not roasted) nuts and seeds. Choose whole grain breads and cook whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa. Experiment with the wide variety of legumes and beans. Choose organic animal protein foods, organic raw dairy products and begin using healthy oils such as extra virgin olive oil, high lignin flax oil and virgin coconut butter/oil. These foods are considered WHOLE, not processed foods.
  5. Exercise consistently. In addition, you may find walking, Yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong both relaxing and invigorating while on a cleanse.
  6. Do not smoke, drink alcohol and caffeine. These substances are not part of the cleanse.
  7. Plan ahead, be ready, make the cleanse part of your schedule. Affirm and reaffirm, “Yes, I want to do this, I am ready and I am starting my cleanse on (day)”. Tell your alternative health care practitioner, family and friends about your cleanse and diet change. Enlist support, perhaps even someone to do the cleanse with you. Being prepared can make the experience both memorable and fun.
  8. Own or borrow a juicer and blender and then become familiar with how to use them.
  9. Read the pH information and measure your pH levels before starting the cleanse. Having a before and after comparison is valuable information, especially over the course of a year. Track your pH levels in your journal or organizer.
  10. Re-read the Natural Cures book for inspiration and reminders about healthy living choices.
  11. Read over the shopping list and cleansing plans a week before your start date. Become familiar with the information. Be sure you are clear on what you need and how the plan works. Clean out your fridge and cupboards; remove anything you might be tempted to eat that is not on the plan. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and logistically. Collect your items prior to your start date to ensure a smooth transition into cleansing.

Cleansing could be the number one best thing you ever do for yourself. Be proud because you are about to take a giant leap into improved health!

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