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Genomic Testing & Consultation

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Almost 20 years ago, we started recommending Dr Jeff McCombs. We are pleased to offer Natural Cures friends this Genomic testing and consultation


Functional Genomic Testing and Consultation

Here’s what the Dr Jeff McCombs says about this special Genomic testing offering.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been looking for a way to address individual needs within each patient. Functional Genetic Analysis has created a way to identify each person’s predisposition towards metabolic imbalances determined by their very own genetic make-up. By identifying these genetic imbalances in combination with signs and symptoms and other test results, the most comprehensive picture to date can be created and a plan for addressing and providing individualized nutritional needs can be implemented. Using this approach, I have seen amazing results that enable the sickest of people to find the answers that they have often been seeking for decades.

While the life expectancy of people has increased, the Healthy Life expectancy has decreased. We are living longer with more diseases and disabilities that often start at earlier ages than we have ever witnessed before. The Baby Boomers are the first generation to to see a reduction in the quality of life as they age, as well as shorter lifespans. Generation X has more disability days than any other generation before it. The costs associated with healthcare are skyrocketing. Infectious disease is no longer the number one killer, it’s metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, and pulmonary disease – all preventable!

Genetic Analysis can help to determine each person’s individual needs and help more clearly identify the correct nutrition to support function in the body. The complexity of the body is seldom understood or appreciated by most people who seek simple solutions. Functional Genetic analysis creates a bridge between the complex and the simple. This test looks at 200,000 genes in the body, compared with a popular program like 23andme, which currently only looks at 2000 genes.

Most people who take advantage of this testing have serious conditions that have left them beyond the help of the current practice of medicine. Functional Genetic analysis has been a lifesaver for many who suffer from complex disease patterns. The benefit however, can be realized by everyone who seeks to understand their body’s needs more clearly, from elite athletes and professionals to everyone else. If there was ever an individualized manual for taking care of your body, this is it! Make life extension a reality and expand your Healthy Life expectancy!

An overwhelming number of observations support the evidence that genetic background has a key role to play in individual response to diet and life-style, and in shaping individual nutritional requirements.” Journal of NutriGenetics and NutriGenomic, 2011

A large number of studies have clearly shown that nutrients alter the expression of genetic information at the level of gene regulation, signal transduction and through alterations in chromatin structure and protein function. Diet can affect the expression levels of genes by acting on transcription factors or by causing epigenetic changes such as methylating DNA. Global changes in gene expression profiles could represent molecular ‘signatures’ that reflect exposure to specific nutrients. Journal of NutriGenetics and NutriGenomics, 2011


The analysis provides

• Gene Analysis

• Enzyme Analysis

• Report includes: 





     -Electron Transport Chain


     -Exercise and Fitness



     -Plus, complete Enzyme and Gene List Reports


Here’s just a few of the possibilities:


  • Mutations in the HLA and KIAA1109 genes may increase the chances of Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, and further gut inflammation.
  • There is a mutation that indicates increased risk of developing peanut allergies.
  • Caffeine metabolism can be affected by genetic mutations.
  • Mutations in the FUT2 enzyme may cause a predisposition to Crohns disease.
  • People with mutations in SULT may have slowed detoxification and may be sensitive to toxins, hormones, xenobiotics, and heavy metals.
  • Studies have shown that individuals with mutations in SNP rs10156191 have a hypersensitivity to NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).
  • GAMT mutations could lead to muscle weakness.
  • MAOA mutations have been associated with antisocial behavior.
  • MUtations in the OXTR gene can lead to a higher sensitivity to stress.
  • Mutations in the SHBG gene increases the chance of higher estrogen and testosterone, with lower progesterone. For women, this may be a contributing factor in PCOS or other hormonal issues related to low progesterone. For men, this can lead to lower testosterone later in life.
  • There are a group of cardiovascular genes and the more mutations in these genes, the higher the risk for cardiovascular issues.
  • Studies have shown that individuals with mutations in the “Exercise Recovery Speed” gene group require longer recovery times due to higher levels of inflammation during strenuous exercise.
  • Research has shown that certain genetic factors can determine an individual’s exercise injury risk.
  • Mutations in the CACNA1C gene may impact the potential to have negative effects from high levels of electrical field exposure.

In the future, no one will receive medications without first knowing what is happening with their genetics. Genetic variations increase the risk for harmful effects from medications. Ith genetic testing, the era of personalized nutrition is finely a reality. You’re never too young or old to optimize your nutritional and antioxidant status!


***Price includes test plus 45 minute consultation***


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