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Waterdrop K19 Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System


If you want a great-looking, effective reverse osmosis countertop filter, look no further than the K19 from Waterdrop.

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Compact design & convenient to use The countertop RO water filter system requires no plumbing or installation and can be directly used after being powered on. Therefore, you can put the countertop water filtration system in a living room, a bedroom, an RV or other places wherever you want to go.

Super filtration Through PP cotton, activated carbon, reverse osmosis and UV light, the countertop water filter system can achieve excellent filtration, which makes it the best water purifier ever.

Water saving and cost saving The countertop water filter system K19 has an impressive 3:1 drain ratio and reduces water consumption with a drain water recycling technology. The filter can last up to 12 months.

170 OZ high-capacity tank By the ergonomic design, the tank of the countertop RO water filter system facilitates water filling. The tank is designed to be compact but has a 170 OZ high capacity, which can meet the water demand of a big family for a whole day.

Smart design By means of a smart display screen, you can check the filter status, the TDS value, the preset water volume and other information easily. The countertop water filter system comes with 4 modes of fixed water volumes, which can be set in advance.


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