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Psoriasis And Gum Disease


Psoriasis is a skin disease of unknown origin for allopathic medicine. Natural medicines are a little more advanced in this field.

Inflammatory plaques on the skin

The patches that appear on the skin are highly inflammatory. They are mainly located in areas of friction such as the elbows or thighs. There are also patches on the tongue. Psoriasis is often associated with a metabolic syndrome or cardiovascular disease. There is a decrease in the amount of saliva and a vitamin D deficiency.

Inflammation in the mouth

Gum disease is also a chronic inflammatory disease of bacterial origin that causes an infection that destroys the supporting tissues of the tooth. It affects 50% of the population. It is known to be responsible for rheumatoid arthritis and atherosclerosis among others.

Psoriasis promotes periodontal disease.

Studies have shown the prevalence of gum disease in patients with psoriasis. 78% of patients with psoriasis have more bone loss and tooth loss than people without psoriasis. Another study showed that patients with psoriasis are 3 times more likely to have severe gum disease such as periodontitis.

Periodontal disease promotes psoriasis

Conversely, a patient with periodontitis is 1.52 times more likely to have psoriasis than a patient with healthy gums. 4.7% of psoriasis cases are thought to be due to periodontal disease.

Healthy lifestyle

All these percentages are increased in cases of poor oral hygiene and in patients who smoke.

The role of stress and diet in psoriasis should also be remembered.

Emotional hygiene

Emotionally and symbolically, psoriasis appears in people who are “on the edge of their skin” with a great unmet need for love and affection. Following a trauma, a feeling of abandonment that one does not want to reproduce, so one wants to keep one’s distance, fear of contact. We don’t feel our solid foundations (gum bones) to create trusting relationships.

Here is a great opportunity to reconnect with your soul and find peace of heart.

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Catherine Rossi

Dr. Catherine ROSSI, dentist, graduate of the Faculty of dental surgery of Toulouse (France) in 1984, I discovered natural medicine in 1983.

I have been practicing my profession in Paris since 1985. I have 3 daughters, 2 grand ‘daughters and I am happy!

The day I started treating myself with alternative medicine and experienced the miracles it had on my health, it became for me inconceivable to prescribe for my patients allopathic remedies as I was taught to do so in the university.

Therefore, I studied and incorporated homeopathy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, acupuncture etc. into my practice from the very start.

This practice which has come to be defined “holistic dentistry” became for me a reason for being. It was accompanied by a personal evolution, an art of living in harmony with nature, of a consciousness in the role of each living being in the balance of our universe.

As my personal and spiritual work evolves, the care that I provide to my patients has taken on a special dimension: my relationship to another takes on character of sacredness in trust and in Love.

I present this blog to you as my modest contribution for a better world because my belief is that: on the path of life we always advance the best with good teeth.

Website – https://naturebiodental.com/