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Grown-up Summer Slushies


Blended drinks rule in the heat of summer, for everything from quick nutrient-rich breakfasts to delicious slushies for grown-ups. Stop paying $3.50 and up per drink at you-know-who-bucks, and make the organic version right in your own kitchen, or in the kitchen at your office. Keep plenty of ice made from pure water on hand; pre-crush the ice in a plastic bag with a hammer.

1 C
Free Trade organic coffee, regular or decaf, strong & chilled
1 C organic green tea, strong & chilled
1/2 C crushed ice
1/2 C raw, organic cow, goat, nut, soy or rice milk
raw honey or stevia to taste (a few drops)
Combine ingredients in blender and rip on high until the ice is all crushed and blended with the ingredients.

For a richer drink try a dash of organic dairy or soy cream after blending, which will make the drink even thicker and richer, though add extra calories!

If using coffee, you may add any of your favorite flavorings, such as vanilla, cocoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, or one of the many delicious organic flavored syrups found at many natural food stores.

If using tea, try adding your favorite fruit juice instead of the milk, such as pomegranate, berry or tangerine, for an extra refreshing taste! If you brew the tea loosely, keep a few leaves and either blend them in for extra punch or float them in the finished brew for an artistic finish.