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Rebounder (mini-tramopline)


Description: The rebounder is a mini-trampoline designed primarily for low impact, easy to moderate exercise, and gentle lymphatic stimulationRebounder (mini-tramopline). It can be used as part of an exercise routine. Sized about 3 feet in diameter and 9 inches high, rebounders are safe, fun, easy to use, and fantastic health enhancers. Rebounding activates blood circulation, increases the capacity of the heart and lungs, supports immune system function, improves lymph flow and drainage, strengthens the cardiovascular system, stimulates all internal organs, and dramatically improves digestion. Unlike running which can put excess stress on the knees and ankles, the jumping motion of rebounding disperses joint impact throughout the body.

What to look for: Rebounders come in a wide range of quality and price. For self-protection, look for a rebounder with a Permatron mat that has at least 36 springs that are covered, and legs with rubber tips. When you stand on the rebounder, there should be perfect firmness in the mat, while still being highly responsive. Look for durable connections between the frame, springs, and mat. There are rebounder foldaway models available for easy storage and traveling. For those using rebounders as physical therapy, or working on balance issues, stabilizing bars are also available for greater safety and stability. Choose a rebounder that comes with a long, or lifetime, warranty. Numerous books and videos are available which provide inspiration, education, and various workout routines if you want to rebound to a DVD with others, jumping for joy.

Uses: Pleasure, overall movement and stimulation; therapeutically can be used for improved circulation, increased lymph flow, strengthening heart and immune system, improving digestion, and general health and wellness. The “health bounce” is good for beginners; one’s feet do not leave the surface of the mat while bouncing. As little as five minutes of rebounding twice a day can lead to great health improvements; rebounding time can be increased as the body strengthens.

Where to find: Online resources.

Avoid: Cheap knockoffs. You can find mini-trampolines for a fraction of the price of high-quality rebounders, but these are not the types of mini-trampolines that offer the benefits we speak of. Lower-end models, usually found at sporting goods stores, are not considered therapeutic tools nor do they come with lifetime warranties. Over the long-run, you are best off investing in a well-made, high quality mini-trampoline.