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Reflexology- A Natural Healing Art Form


Can you really feel your brain? You won’t actually know without trained human hands on the soles of your feet. If a professional reflexologist can find minor pain in the tip of your big toe, then your brain’s Pre-Frontal Cortex could possibly use a thorough massaging. This natural healing art is based on the principle of reflexes in your feet, hands, and ears that correspond to all the major organs, glands, and every part of your body. Reflexology uses the thumb and fingers to seek out the sore spots on your foot caused by congestion in the corresponding organ or gland. It works on similar principles to acupuncture. In Chapter 6 of the Natural Cures book, Reflexology is listed as one of the specialized treatments that have a profound, positive effect on your health.

Foot Reflexology as a Holistic Health Remedy is safe, effective and enjoyable. Records of this ancient healing art date back as far as ancient Egypt, China, and India, providing effective, holistic treatment for disease, and relief from stress. It is an ancient form of “pressure treatment” and involves applying focused pressure and massage techniques to certain known “reflex” points located primarily in the foot, which correspond to certain other areas in the body. Reflexology alleviates energy blocks that can cause pain, disability, or tension, encouraging the body to return to optimum health. It can release endorphins, is pleasurable, increases circulation and promotes relaxation. It is known as one of the quickest and most effective ways to help the bowels decide to move – much quicker than laxatives. Other benefits include detoxification of organs, rejuvenation of tired tissues and cells, balancing of the auric field, grounding, and greater facilitation of any other energy method used. It is such a versatile tool that it can be unobtrusively included with any other kind of work done, and is so enjoyable that most people are grateful for the inclusion, even if they do not consciously understand the interplay and interconnection between the modalities. You can read more by visiting the “Find A Natural Cure” section on the Natural Cures website and checking for Reflexology as a professional care therapy for various diseases.

Over the last 10 years, reflexology has achieved worldwide popularity; it is a drug-free form of managing and alleviating physical and stress-related conditions. If you would like to try a reflexology treatment, seek a recommended reflexologist; or, check either the International Institute of Reflexology or the Reflexology Association of America.

People who are new to this healing modality are frequently amazed at how accurately the feet reveal the state of the body. Find a good book such as “The Reflexology Manual,” by Pauline Wills, and experiment on yourself or with a friend. Who doesn’t enjoy a good foot rub? You can even purchase “reflexology socks” which show where the different organs and glands are located on your feet. One of the most famous persons to utilize reflexology was Princess Diana who, according to a “Newsweek” article, received reflexology treatments three times a week. Why not try it out and give yourself a “royal treatment”.