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32 Secrets To Having Good Teeth All Your Life


Having good teeth starts at the time the fetus is conceived. Dental illnesses are due to a wide range of reasons and several of these factors need to be simultaneous for cavities, infections or gum disease to appear. Thus, giving you an opportunity to make the most of your strong points to balance out your weaknesses. You are going to discover the secrets…

… of a strong and beautiful dentition.

In Chinese medicine, teeth are given energy by the kidney meridian. Symbolically the trio kidney/bladder/urine point to the notion of TERRITORY in the broad sense, literally and figuratively.

So, in general, every time we are faced with territory issues and our inability to deal with them, they translate into infections of the urinary tract or dental issues, rarely at the same time luckily!

I started out with this foreword regarding territory issues since they are going to come up throughout our life, starting at the fetal stage.

Here are the secrets to having good teeth all your life:

Fetus :

1-Acupuncture during the pregnancy to strengthen the energy of the kidney meridian.

2-Reducing the amount of sugar eaten during pregnancy and breast feeding so the child does not become addicted to sugar.

3-Not knowing the sex of the child before birth is the first step to respecting his territory.  To maximize the energy of his kidney meridian, the baby needs to keep his secret until his first cry !

Birth :

4-The baby needs to have cranial osteopathy sessions right after his birth, especially if the birth was difficult (forceps, c-section…), to harmonize the growth of the face and of the jaws and help the baby to sleep through the night sooner.

5-Feed the baby in orthostatic position (almost sitting so the baby has to project his mandible to catch the nipple whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding).

6-The baby must have his own space. He must not sleep in his parents’ bed! (2nd territory issue)

6 months :

7- The first tooth that comes out is the sign that it is time to wean the baby. Sorry to disappoint some mommies but breastfeeding beyond one year of age weakens the energy of the child’s kidney meridian because the child is faced with 2 opposite messages: Mommy feeds me with her milk = I am a part of my mommy’s energetic body, I am dependent.

My teeth are coming out = I am becoming an independent being open to the world so that I can grow.

8- It is time to teach the child good habits about chewing his food and eating slowly. Small pieces of vegetables in soups (slightly mixed in the blender) or purees (mashed with a fork) trigger a chewing reflex and chewing enables the jaws to develop properly : this way when all the teeth come out they have room to fit in the dental arches. Goodbye braces and other orthodontic devices!!!

9-At that age, the only type of sugar which should be allowed is raw sugar, which is organic and can only be found in specialized shops (Rapadura for example).

2 years old :

10-At that age, the child consciously learns about limits and territory. We teach the child that we respect his territory (I knock on the door of his room before I go in – from the day he is born …) and we teach him to respect other people’s territory (he isn’t allowed to leave his toys all over the house).

11-It’s time for the child to start brushing his teeth twice a day without or with very little organic fluoride-free children’s toothpaste.

3 years old :

12– Schedule a dental check up every 4 months with a dentist specialized for children : a pediatric dentist

13 Check regularly that the jaws are balanced (early orthodontia). Make sure the child chews slowly.

14-No snacks between meals.

15-No shop-bought fruit juices, not even organic ones, because they are much too acidic and of course (but it’s better to actually say so) no soft drinks !!

6 years old :

16– Enamel sealant on the first 4 definitive molars which, at that age, grow behind the milk teeth (with enamel sealant free of bi-phenols).

7 years old :

17-Schedule a dental check up every 6 months with the pediatric dentist

18-Teach the child to like dried fruits, almonds, hazelnuts…

19-Save candy for special occasions!

9 years old :

20-If an orthodontic treatment is necessary, always simultaneously have the child see a osteopath.

21-Schedule a dental check up every 6 months.

22– If the child wears braces, teeth must be brushed three times a day.

12 years old :

23-Sealant treatment on the permanent second molars.

24-Like candy, soft drinks should be only on birthdays and special occasions.

25-Watch out for lack of hygiene !

Introduce flossing every night before brushing.

17 years old :

26-Test related stress,  look out for the growth of wisdom teeth.

27-Lots of vitamin input with fruit and vegetables.

Vitamin C : be careful, youngsters suffer more and more often from  gum ulcerations due to a lack of vitamin C and please ! don’t think that orange juice from a box at breakfast is enough. On the contrary, it will make for a more acidic body terrain and weaken the liver !

On the other hand, a snack of fresh fruit around 5 PM is the best. (so says micro nutrition)

25 years old :

28-Entering the workforce, marriage, children, unemployment etc. are sources of stress and of new experiences related to territory issues ! Cavities often appear at the same time as these events!

Schedule a dental check up every 6 months during these critical periods, even if acting as if “the sun is shining, life is good” !

29-Think about preserving the balance of your intestinal flora in order to keep strong gums.

Schedule a dental check up once a year including scaling.

Get a panoramic x-ray every 3/5 years.

30-Understand that all dental symptoms are messages from our unconscious and the link there is with distant organs and functions.

31-If unfortunately, a tooth needs a root canal treatment, make sure this is done by a specialist (an endodontist).

32-Refuse treatment with fillings containing mercury and nickel chromium crowns

99 years old and over : you will go to Heaven with all your teeth.

Lire la version française ici – https://naturalcures.com/32-secrets-pour-avoir-de-bonnes-dents-toute-votre-vie

Catherine Rossi

Dr. Catherine ROSSI, dentist, graduate of the Faculty of dental surgery of Toulouse (France) in 1984, I discovered natural medicine in 1983.

I have been practicing my profession in Paris since 1985. I have 3 daughters, 2 grand ‘daughters and I am happy!

The day I started treating myself with alternative medicine and experienced the miracles it had on my health, it became for me inconceivable to prescribe for my patients allopathic remedies as I was taught to do so in the university.

Therefore, I studied and incorporated homeopathy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, acupuncture etc. into my practice from the very start.

This practice which has come to be defined “holistic dentistry” became for me a reason for being. It was accompanied by a personal evolution, an art of living in harmony with nature, of a consciousness in the role of each living being in the balance of our universe.

As my personal and spiritual work evolves, the care that I provide to my patients has taken on a special dimension: my relationship to another takes on character of sacredness in trust and in Love.

I present this blog to you as my modest contribution for a better world because my belief is that: on the path of life we always advance the best with good teeth.

Website – https://naturebiodental.com/