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Shampoo and Conditioner


Description: Gentle hair cleansers which do not strip the hair of natural hydrating oils. While gently cleaning the scalp and hair, it provides moisture and helps balance oils/moisture. There are many different hair products for specific hair types/conditions, such as: dry hair, itchy scalp/dandruff, colored/permed hair, curly hair, blonde/brunette hair, normal hair and oily hair products. It is best to use the products that are formulated for your type and needs.

What to look for: Products containing at least 70% certified organic botanicals and essential oils to clean and moisturize hair. Look for “natural products”, but be careful as many do not actually contain natural ingredients. Hair products should contain some vitamins (B, E, C, A) and other natural plant-based, nourishing ingredients such as: chamomile, proteins (lactalbumin and glycoprotein), coconut oil and essential oils.

Uses: Used daily when washing hair, leaves hair feeling clean without being too drying. Important to use products specially designed for your hair type for best results.

Where to find: Health Food Stores, Salons/Spas, Online Resources.

Avoid: Inorganic stripping cleansers which may contain artificial preservatives (parabens: methyl-, ethyl-, butyl-), cocamidopropyl betaine or olefin sulfanate. When sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates are mixed with certain chemicals, they become carcinogenic and are known to irritate the skin. Synthetic colors or scents, and other harsh chemicals, are also known to irritate the skin and cause dermatitis.