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Should: How Habits of Language Shape Our Lives


BookAuthor: Smith, Rebecca

Price: $29.90

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Description: SHOULD: How Habits of Language Shape Our Lives is the most practical guide to self-development to come along in years.

SHOULD supports readers in their elimination of eight phrases: I should, I have to, I must, and I ought to — which create obligation, I need and I m trying — which create frustration, I can’t and I have no choice — which create self-restriction. If we tell ourselves every day that we are obligated, frustrated, and restricted, we live our lives with an expectation of the oppression they create.

When we eliminate self-oppressing language from our vocabularies, we begin to reclaim Self. When should is no longer an option for us, we ask ourselves, “What do I want?” When we no longer have the luxury of trying, we figure out how to do instead. When we no longer believe we can’t, we see endless ways in which we can.
Our habits of language create our experiences whether we want them to or not. SHOULD teaches readers how to trade verbal habits that create self-oppression for habits that bring them back to themselves again and again.