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Should You Consider Natural Remedies For Pets?


When it comes to pets and natural medicine or natural remedies, there are two important things to consider:

1. It is important to prevent health problems that commonly affect pets by use of natural remedy, and:

2. It is important to strengthen their immunity and increase their vitality so that they stay healthy.

Natural remedies such as herbs and homeopathic medication are very effective in pet maintenance and, unlike traditional medication, they don’t just treat the symptoms. Natural medicine treats the cause and, as most contain herbal properties, they are natural and don’t produce side effects or allergic reactions.

Some of the important ingredients to be on the look out for in natural medicines for pets are

• Ginseng
• Mistletoe
• Milk thistle
• Huang Qi

These remedies boost the immune system in both dogs and cats, and have been used by naturopathy providers across the world for centuries. Natural medicines cannot replace traditional treatment completely, yet there are many conditions in pets that can be effectively treated by these means. Natural medicines contain good nutritional supplements which aid in the prevention of illness, but in cases of severe health problems it is suggested that a vet be consulted.

Beyond fresh water and exercise, as well as mental stimulation, good diet is without a doubt irreplaceable. Pets require at least 40 various nutrients in their daily diet which must include vitamins and minerals. Adding natural supplements can help a pets’ health much in the same way it does ours. The same approaches we use – but ones that are adapted to pets – can be very helpful.