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Soothe Infant Coughs Gently


The stress levels of all mothers go up radically when their babies start coughing. Part of the frustration is because the mother feels so helpless to make it all better. The problem is made worse because people are much more aware of the dangers of over-the-counter medicine.

Most cough syrups are actually not much use, really. These medicines have so many ingredients and side effects that smart mothers are very wary to use any of them.

Most of the over-the-counter cough syrups are loaded with sugar as well, which is not good for babies. It is not really surprising that many people look for ways to return to natural medicine. People look for alternatives to chemicals and look for safe, natural remedies. Previous generations all knew about and practiced natural remedies.

Nature knows best

So if your baby becomes very congested, take them into the bathroom and run a hot shower or bath. Steam is an excellent natural remedy for loosening congestion within the lungs. Essential oils work very well, and the herbs present within these oils are also a great underlying source of natural health. Lay the baby in a warm bath and pour a few drops of oil in the bath.

Sore throats are also soothed by the essential oil vapor. Herbs can also be infused as a tea for babies to get rid of congestion. Special teas also work well as a natural remedy for coughs. The added benefit of special teas is that they have antibacterial properties. Herbal rubs also bring relief.