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Soy Infant Formulas


Description: The phytoestrogens in soy formula–the isoflavones–bear a strong resemblance to the natural estrogens produced by the human body. Soy estrogens are not hormones, but “estrogen mimickers.” A crucial time for the programming of the human reproductive system is right after birth–the very time when many non-breastfed babies get bottle after bottle of soy formula. Normally during this period, the baby’s body surges with natural estrogens, testosterone and other hormones needed to program the newborn’s reproductive system to mature from infancy through puberty, and into adulthood. The human body mistakes these mimickers for hormones. Little boys who are estrogenized in this way may experience delayed or arrested puberty. Little girls who are overly estrogenized may go through premature puberty. Damage from soy formula may be irreversible. Avoid soy formula entirely.

What to look for: Don’t.

Uses: Trash.

Where to find: Sadly, all conventional markets.

Avoid: Always.