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Stopping the Clock


BookAuthor: Klatz, Ronald and Goldman, Robert

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Description: Why many of us will live past 100–and enjoy our extra years. In Stopping the Clock, two pioneers of anti-aging medicine show how we can start now to regain energy and vitality, halt or reverse damage to our bodies, and avoid the diseases–heart attack, arthritis, cancer, diabetes–that do most to reduce current life expectancy.

In sixteen fully-documented, information-packed chapters, Klatz and Goldman detail an up-to-the-minute longevity program, including:

* The key anti-aging hormones: Melatonin, DHEA, and human growth hormone, how to take them and precautions to use.
* The sex hormones: the role of estrogen and progesterone supplementation, including natural alternatives to prescription hormones–plus new research on testosterone supplementation for men and women.
* The role of the “miracle minerals”–chromium, selenium and magnesium–and the latest information on the key anti-oxidant vitamins and how to take them.
* A thyroid support program to avoid the many dangerous effects of thyroid deficiency.
* A sensible approach to anti-aging exercise–plus 25 ways to defeat the aging effects of stress.
* The life-long diet–including the top 25 healing foods.
* A longevity test to determine your current estimated lifespan.
* Personal longevity programs–including daily supplement regiments–from 28 leaders of anti-aging medicine.
* Glossary of 75 anti-aging substances available at health-food stores.