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Osteoporosis: The keys to saving your gums

One woman out of 3 would be concerned by a less good solidity of her skeleton after 50 years because of the menopause and a fall of the estrogen rate. From the age of 35 onwards, the skeleton does not bind calcium as well and its protein…

Back Pain and Tooth Pain

30% of back pain is said to be dental in origin, but if this back pain occurs at night or in the morning upon awakening, this percentage increases to 80%. An imbalance of the jaw is therefore very often the cause of back, neck or lumbar…

The Gums of Teenagers!

Alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, vitamin C deficiencies, the gums of teenagers are subjected to a harsh test and often in irreversible ways... Vitamin C deficiency Young people eat less and less fruits and vegetables and those they eat are…
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