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The Gums of Teenagers!

Alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, vitamin C deficiencies, the gums of teenagers are subjected to a harsh test and often in irreversible ways... Vitamin C deficiency Young people eat less and less fruits and vegetables and those they eat are…

Volunteers Wanted for 2022

Volunteer Call to help spread the word in 2022! Can you help us grow and positively impact more people this year? Natural Cures doesn't have any paid staff so relies on volunteers and donated time to continue to grow, research and…

Kevin Trudeau Whole Food Supplements

Kevin Trudeau Whole Food Supplements. a.k.a. KT Daily When the KT Daily supplements were first launched over 10 years ago, they revolutionized how people approached daily supplementation. Everything from the balance and composition,…

5 natural ways to detox your body

5 natural ways to detox your body! One of the four main causes of disease and illness is toxins in the body. Whether that’s from prescription or over the counter medication, food or water, most people can benefit from a detox to provide…

Early Childhood Carries

Early tooth decay in children under 6 years of age is a major public health problem. We don't see them coming, parents wrongly think that they don't need to be treated and they can be a traumatic experience for the child.
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