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Talking Back to Ritalin


BookAuthor: Breggin, Peter R., M.D.

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Description: By the best-selling author of Talking Back to Prozac, a revised and updated edition of the first and most-compelling book to challenge the use of Ritalin to treat ADHD.

Millions of children take Ritalin for Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The drug’s manufacturer, Novartis, claims that Ritalin is the “solution” to this widespread problem. But hidden behind the well-oiled public-relations machine is a potentially devastating reality: children are being given a drug that can cause the same bad effects as amphetamine and cocaine, including behavioral disorders, growth suppression, neurological tics, agitation, addiction, and psychosis. Talking Back to Ritalin uncovers these and other startling facts and translates the research findings for parents and doctors alike.

An advocate for education not medication, Dr. Breggin empowers parents to channel distracted, disenchanted, and energetic children into powerful, confident, and brilliant members of the family and society.