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Tapping the Healer Within


BookAuthor: Callahan, Roger J., Ph.D. with Trubo, Richard

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Description: In connection with his The Five Minute Phobia Cure, Callahan has appeared on television with Regis Philbin, Tom Snyder and Leeza Gibbons, successfully working with patients suffering from all stripes of phobias. Now he makes the startling claim that psychological problems can be treated with a sequence of movements and taps on various body parts that correspond to meridians used in acupuncture. Backed by a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Syracuse University, Callahan theorizes that emotional distress corresponds to a “thought field” disturbance that can be corrected by simply balancing the field’s energy. Nearly a third of the book is given over to physical formulas for dealing with specific ailments: phobias, addictions, trauma, anxiety, stress, fear, depression, pain, obsession. Replete with cases of immediate, permanent cures that sound nothing short of miraculous, Callahan mixes his scientific evidence with a confident, promotional tone, and preemptive explanations for instances when his trademarked technique (Thought Field Therapy) doesn’t work. Promising “emotional problems eliminated in minutes” and claiming a success rate of 80%, this book is sure to arouse controversy among traditional therapists that may spur sales.