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The Assault on Medical Freedom


Author: Lisa, P. Joseph

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Description:Lisa documents the fraud and corruption behind the anti-quackery campaign conducted and financed by the phamaceutical industry to eliminate alternative medicine. She proves that officials in the FDA, IRS, FTC, the United States Post Office, the Better Business Bureau and the Media conspire with PAC and its lackeys to discredit practitioners and treatments that do not use synthetic drugs. She exposes the dirty work of quackbusters Stephen Barrett, John Renner, Williams Jarvis and their corporate backers in detail, and concludes that, although the tactics have changed, this hundred year old witch hunt is not about to end. This book is a rare and bold piece if investigatie journalism that ranks among the best in a series of related works such as Martin Walker’s Dirty Medicine and Guillaine Lanctot’s Medical Mafia. Lisa is an investigative reporter, private eye, undercover operative and civil right activist, whose previous published work includes scathing reports on government mind-control experiments, illegal biological and chemical experiments on U.S. citizens, and other infringements on the constitutional rights of American citizens.