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The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth


Author: Barefoot, Robert R. and Reich, Carl J.

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Description: The message from this book is an alkaline chemistry is a healthy ph for your cells to function in their optimum environment. The fact that your DNA has to be bathed in calcium, in order to replicate, tells you of the importance of calcium in your diet. Coral calcium has the perfect 2:1 ratio for better absorption than any other calcium. Goodmorning America reported it as a scam by Dr. Stephen Barrett, but what most people don’t know is Dr. Stephen Barrett is a psychiatrist and he has not even held a license since 1993 and has no knowledge or medical training in the field of homeopathic or alternative medicine. This is the person ABC Goodmorning America portrayed as an expert in his field. The importance of calcium in the diet is in study after medical study, but you won’t hear that from your physician. Bob Barefoot backs up the benefits with medical studies, he is very knowledgeable about chemistry and how it applies to nutrition for the body. Remember pharmaceutical companies cannot patent a vitamin or mineral, so there is no money in it for them, they have no interest. If you are acidic, alkalize your chemistry and you will place your cells in their most optimum environment so that your body can heal itself.