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The Politics of Stupid


Author: Powter, Susan

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Description: Best-selling author Susan Powter is “Stopping The Insanity” better than ever as she ignites women’s bodies and brains by activating the truth about The Politics of Stupid, illuminating why millions of women and children are suffering the consequences of being “overfat, unfit, and living without the strength and energy they deserve.” With the outrageous, uproarious humor that is Susan Powter’s trademarked style, The Politics of Stupid unites and networks with every Woman in America who:

— Is about to understand just how much muscle she has — representing 85% of the consumer market for the $276 billion dollar food industry — and how to flex it for maximum effect.
— Is doing the grocery shopping in her local mega mart. “It ain’t men roaming the aisles of the grocery store every week…it’s you,” states Powter in her new book. “Queen of the Aisle, you just gotta get your royal groove on and realize just how power-filled you are, Ms. C.E.O of the food industry!”
— Has a baby. The answer to where Powter has been is “raising my new baby (five years old), re-claiming my work, owning and controlling everything so that it goes ‘direct from me to you’ to millions of Women, living, loving, and learning bigger than I ever have in my life,” she explains.
— Wants and needs a lifestyle changing program written in her language.

Millions of women have spent the last few years gulping for air…the air they haven’t breathed since they first heard the sane, right, common sense, life changing information, motivation, and inspiration that is Susan Powter.