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The Problems With Acne


It is well known that acne can be a problem with both girls and boys when they reach teenage years. Acne can also be a problem with adults who have oily skin or for a woman during her menstrual cycle.

Stress is another factor which causes an outbreak of spots or blackheads, under the tissues of the skin or on top of the skin. A poor diet can cause eruptions of spots which can be inflamed and sore to touch.

A build up of bacteria occurs when a sebaceous gland found at the end of a hair follicle is trapped with natural oils. This build up starts to show itself as an inflamed spot or pimple.

Blackheads are caused when a combination of oil and skin are trapped. However, if a blackhead appears it can suggest a lack of vitamins or the need for better hygiene.

Sometimes, a person will see a few whiteheads and this is a sign there is a deficiency of vitamins or an imbalance of fatty acids in their diet.

Some of the products available in store or over a counter will treat acne and blackheads, but they do not solve the cause of the problem and bring about a natural cure.

Our Natural Cures resources show how to treat these problems with a natural cure. There is impartial information on herbal remedies, natural remedies and a selection of recipes to help a person make healthy food choices.