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The Secret Of Wisdom Teeth


Each tooth has a specific language related to repressed emotions, memories or frustrations. Wisdom teeth tell us about our relationship to the universe… 

Messages from our unconscious mind

Our unconscious uses teeth to talk to us. It uses certain energy channels, certain teeth according to the message it wants us to understand. Dental pain, decay, infection, fracture are all vocabulary that the teeth use to talk to us.

Oral language

The upper jaw is the link to our BEING, “who I am, what it is”. The mandible is linked with our OWNERSHIP, “what I want, what is done”.

The right side is related to the energy of the father, the masculine, the social, the professional.

The left side is related to the mother’s energy, the feminine, the familial, the self-esteem.

Every tooth has its secret.

The incisors represent: me and my family, me and my intimate relationships.       The canines and premolars represent : me with me.

The molars represent : me and others.                                                          

The wisdom teeth represent : me and the Universe.

The teeth of spirituality

Wisdom teeth tell us about our relationship to the Universe and our ability to live according to the laws of the Universe. These are the spiritual laws that give meaning to our presence on earth and connect us to the mission of our soul.

The 4 wisdom teeth are numbered: 18 – 28 – 38 – 48.

Tooth 18 (top right) expresses the ability to conceive and harmonize our social and professional values in accordance with the laws of the Universe. Our dreams, our projects, our socio-professional involvement, do they go in the direction of a benevolent and respectful evolution of the world? This is the tooth of our “life mission”, which is why we came to this earth.

Tooth 28 (top left) tells us about our divine being, the one that each of us has in the depths of our hearts. Who we are and what we express about ourselves in our personal and intimate lives allows us to express this divine being? Do we give the world the most beautiful expression of ourselves?

Tooth 38 (bottom left) is the tooth of the fraternity. It speaks to us of our capacity to feel united, to be ONE with others, with nature, with the Universe. Are we aware that what we do to others, to nature, to the Universe, we do to ourselves?

Tooth 48 (bottom right) is related to our socio-professional creation. Do we perceive the fruit of our work, what we do as a gift to the Universe, an added value to the world for the good of all? Do we consider money as an energy, a means, a tool that allows us to fulfil our mission?

The meaning of extractions

Extracting a tooth does not mean that one will no longer have access to its energy, to the realization of what it symbolizes. Quite the contrary! Extraction is a strong message, a cry from the tooth to wake us up, to help us access what is good for us, to allow us to integrate what the tooth symbolizes. Our teeth are our guides, our psychotherapists! 

The warriors of light.

What to think of these massive recommendations of wisdom teeth extractions, sometimes even at the budding stage, to prevent a possible “lack of space”?

This method began in the 1970s, at the end of the hyper-materialistic 20th century. As if to mark a whole generation with its seal by the tooth lessness of wisdom teeth. All these teeth bear the number 8, that of infinite energy. The quasi-generalization of their extraction has initiated the awakening of consciences and opened the way for a new generation of beings of light at the entrance of the 21st century.

It’s been said, “The 21st century will be spiritual, or it won’t be…”  Dentists, unknowingly, set the stage. By advocating these extractions, they opened the consciousness of the new generation of the Aquarian Age.

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Catherine Rossi

Dr. Catherine ROSSI, dentist, graduate of the Faculty of dental surgery of Toulouse (France) in 1984, I discovered natural medicine in 1983.

I have been practicing my profession in Paris since 1985. I have 3 daughters, 2 grand ‘daughters and I am happy!

The day I started treating myself with alternative medicine and experienced the miracles it had on my health, it became for me inconceivable to prescribe for my patients allopathic remedies as I was taught to do so in the university.

Therefore, I studied and incorporated homeopathy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, acupuncture etc. into my practice from the very start.

This practice which has come to be defined “holistic dentistry” became for me a reason for being. It was accompanied by a personal evolution, an art of living in harmony with nature, of a consciousness in the role of each living being in the balance of our universe.

As my personal and spiritual work evolves, the care that I provide to my patients has taken on a special dimension: my relationship to another takes on character of sacredness in trust and in Love.

I present this blog to you as my modest contribution for a better world because my belief is that: on the path of life we always advance the best with good teeth.

Website – https://naturebiodental.com/