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The Twenty Commandments Of The Holistic Dentist


Holistic dentistry combines natural, holistic and energetic methods with alternative medicines, specifically adapted for the art of dentistry.  More than a simple choice of techniques, holistic dentistry is a part of the concept of global health, including unconditionally dental health.

Choosing to take this therapeutic path is a “raison d’être”, an integrated lifestyle to care with who you really are.

This manner of caring is intimately linked to the personality of the practitioner, and there is no official standardized training program. So, each of us moves forward with consciousness, awareness and commitment. These “Twenty Commandments” are, more and less, our guidelines:

  • Man, in his totality thou shalt consider
  • Dentistry’s new techniques thou shalt learn
  • Prevention and dietetics, thou shalt counsel
  • Homeopathy, phytotherapy and aromatherapy if necessary, thou shalt prescribe.
  • Antibiotics in specific cases only thou shalt prescribe.
  • Acupuncture and auriculotherapy if necessary, thou shalt practice.
  • The relationship between teeth and organs thou shalt know.
  • The electric currents of metals for the mouth thou shalt calculate.
  • An amalgamate of mercury, or chrome nickel, thou shalt not ever use.
  • Tolerance and biocompatibility of products for the mouth thou shalt test.
  • Dental occlusions with an osteopath thou shalt balance off
  • The balance of foot and eye thou shalt assure.
  • Patients with hypnosis, sophrology and EFT thou shalt reassure.
  • With thine magnetism dental pain thou shalt calm
  • In a team that practices complementary disciplines thou shalt work.
  • The patient’s psychological state thou shalt consider.
  • Dental symbolism thou shalt know.
  • Dental Energy dispersal thou shalt seek out.
  • for the rest, as you have learnt and as you feel thou shalt do
  • But always in the spirit of Love thou shalt remain

Lire la version française ici – https://naturalcures.com/les-vingt-commandements-du-dentiste-holistique

Catherine Rossi

Dr. Catherine ROSSI, dentist, graduate of the Faculty of dental surgery of Toulouse (France) in 1984, I discovered natural medicine in 1983.

I have been practicing my profession in Paris since 1985. I have 3 daughters, 2 grand ‘daughters and I am happy!

The day I started treating myself with alternative medicine and experienced the miracles it had on my health, it became for me inconceivable to prescribe for my patients allopathic remedies as I was taught to do so in the university.

Therefore, I studied and incorporated homeopathy, aromatherapy, phytotherapy, acupuncture etc. into my practice from the very start.

This practice which has come to be defined “holistic dentistry” became for me a reason for being. It was accompanied by a personal evolution, an art of living in harmony with nature, of a consciousness in the role of each living being in the balance of our universe.

As my personal and spiritual work evolves, the care that I provide to my patients has taken on a special dimension: my relationship to another takes on character of sacredness in trust and in Love.

I present this blog to you as my modest contribution for a better world because my belief is that: on the path of life we always advance the best with good teeth.

Website – https://naturebiodental.com/