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There Are Herbal Remedies For Depression


The use of herbal remedies in support of depression is not new and has, in fact, been used for many years with very effective results. There are various herbal remedies that have proved themselves just as effective as many prescription drugs, yet offer up no side effects. Yet, these herbal remedies should not be used in conjunction with other antidepressant drugs or oral contraception.

There are herbal remedies capable of treating depression, and you can find out about them on our Natural Cures database.

Prescription drugs can cause side effects which, in turn, can cause depression such as sexual dysfunction. These aren’t present in herbal remedies – some have proved very effective in reducing these side effects.

Diets low in Omega-3 fatty acids mean that our brains don’t function 100%. As our body cannot manufacture omega-3 on its own we must get it through diets of dietary supplements. Countries which have a high intake of natural omega-3 show lower depression statistics.

Vitamin B deficiency results in low folic acid levels and this is a contributor to depression. Substances can be replenished and found in leafy green vegetables, fruits and beans, but can also be supplemented through herbal remedies. Poor diet and medication can contribute to Vitamin B deficiency which, in turn, can result in a poor response to antidepressants.

There are various other deficiencies that are apparent when it comes to depression, but luckily, there are also a host of herbal remedies that can help replenish and revitalize. You can read about these and more on our Natural Cures website.

There are a host of herbal remedies that can help treat or prevent depression.