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Toners and Astringents


Description: Toners are used after cleansing to restore proper pH of the skin (4.5-5.5). They help to close and refine pores, and remove any residue left on the skin from cleansing. They also add moisture and prepare the skin for maximum moisturizer benefits.

What to look for: Look for toners which are distilled water-based and contain calming, soothing ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, vitamin C or aloe. Look for product lines that contain organic ingredients.

Uses: Should be used after cleansing and before moisturizer is applied. Toners can also be used throughout the day to refresh your skin, as needed. Can be applied with cotton or sprayed directly onto the face.

Where to find: Spas/Salons, Health Food Stores or Online Resources.

Avoid: Toners containing alcohol tend to be very stripping and are not recommended. Witch hazel can also be drying although it is ok for oily skin. Avoid products with chemicals such as: sorbitol, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), boric acid, fillers, preservatives (parabens: methyl-, ethyl-, butyl-), scents or colors.