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Treating Acid Reflux With Natural Medicine


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or, as we know it, Acid Reflux, is a condition which is mostly attributed to a person who has reached retirement age or over.

In some ways this is true. However, a person who makes bad food choices or is overeating on a regular basis will cause a reaction, whatever their age.

Choosing good combinations of food and not overloading the stomach with food and drink at the same time can help to bring about a natural cure. There is more information on recipes, natural remedies and herbal remedies in our Natural Cures resources.

Acid Reflux flares up when the liquid content in the stomach refluxes and burns the lining of the esophagus. The liquid is a combination of pepsin, acid and bile which has come into the stomach area from the duodenum. What may surprise you is that this isn’t caused by an abundance of acid, but more from a lack of it! A cure is outlined in our Acid Reflux section.

If the symptoms of acid reflux are ignored there could be serious complications such as ulcers or inflamed throat infections.

Over-the-counter product antacid tablets can lead to other problems. Some of the antacids have aluminum in them which causes constipation. One of the other ingredients in a tablet could be magnesium which can cause diarrhea or headaches.

In an elderly person there is more of a chance that too many antacid tablets could cause confusion, and they could hallucinate.

Over-the-counter medicines are not a natural medicine, and we at Natural Cures show you the way to treat acid reflux with natural remedies to bring about a natural cure.