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Remedies for Treating Chlorinated Bath Water


Purified bath water is essential for hyperthermia treatments and for bathing. The ideal situation is to have a whole house filtration system to remove the chlorine and chemicals that lace our waterways. Many of us who are aware of the importance of clean water have installed shower filters, which is a great relief. Now we need to find a solution for safe bath water. One possibility is using the shower head, though by the time the bath fills, the water has usually turned cool. This may be tolerable for a quick wash, yet for the purpose of any at-home hyperthermia treatments or relaxing soak, very hot water is required.

There are several simple water treatments that make bath water less hazardous. Although we offer these alternatives, we urge you to consider a whole house filtration system or even an inexpensive de-chlorinator if at all possible for bathing, and especially for hyperthermia treatments.

The following are inexpensive and simple tools to improving bath water:
Our favorite home remedy uses a powerful antioxidant called Microhyrin. Prior to bathing, take one Microhydrin capsule with a glass of pure H2O, and then add two capsules of Microhydrin to your bath water. Microhydrin does what is called imprinting or programming the water, which energetically charges its structure. Adding Microhydrin to purified water is by far the best option; though using Microhydrin in tap water, is still a great improvement. Quality Microhydrin is available from numerous online sources.

Alternative options include adding one gram of ascorbic acid, vitamin-C to bath water. As the ascorbic acid binds to the chlorine, the strong smell of chlorine disappears. Another home remedy is the addition of one or two cups sodium bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda. Besides acting as a purifier, baking soda has a soothing effect on the skin. Herbs, such as wormwood, bind chlorine and eliminate odor. Alternatively, three or four bags of barley tea add a rich brown color to the bath water and impart a lovely fragrance.

Our order of preference for water purification is: Microhydrin, Vit-C (ascorbic acid), baking soda, wormwood, and finally tea or herbs. Regardless of which you choose, they are best used individually, not in combination with each other. The importance of pure water and its affects on health cannot be stressed enough. If a house filtration system is not possible at this time, these alternate options and home remedies are fine, yet are not ideal for the long run.