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Turbinado Sugar


Description: Turbinado is the granulated juice of the raw sugar cane. The sugar cane is crushed, after which the juice is extracted and then reduced to a syrup. Next, the syrup is run through a turbine, or centrifuge, which separates the juice from the thick liquid. This liquid is then dried into crystalline granules. Turbinado sugar has a crunchy, light brown, crystalline texture and a distinct molasses flavor.

What to look for: Organic, fair trade, and made from sugar cane grown on sustainable sugar farms and plantations.

Uses: Turbinado sugar can be substituted for white or brown sugar in equal quantities. One cup turbinado = one cup white sugar. It is crunchy and useful on hot cereal, baked good toppings, in hot drinks, and in caramelized recipes.

Where to find: Health Food Store, online resources.

Avoid: Inorganic, refined.