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UK Dentists still placing Dollars over Deadly Practices


In many ways the UK health scene is regarded as more conservative that it’s US (Fines & Friends funding) counterpart. In Television for example we take a Proactive rather than reactive stance on dubious advertising claims.

However as you can see by the emo circulated by the British Dental Association to it’s members, they still continue to press ahead with “slowing down” the move away from harmful Amalgam than just doing the right thing.

A telling phrase is “ We know that many practitioners are concerned about the increased time required and extra costs of using other restorative materials, particularly those who are working under a NHS or Health Service contracts. “ Which of course means, that it is profit over patient care.

This year “should” see the UK leave the European Union and some of the draconian measures, however as the BDA acknowledge, over the past 10 years many EU countries have been trying to ban Amalgam altogether, especially in the use of children. Thanks to successful lobbying, the amalgam-profit train is slowing, but not quite dead yet.

Here’s hoping to a much safer solution in the days and weeks ahead as the gravy train slows down.

Here’s a link to the full article, published last year

What do you think? WOuld you still have amalgam fillings? Do you believe the reports surrounding mercury fillings and the dangers?

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