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Why don’t we sell remedies at Naturalcures.com?

Why we turn down $


“What health products do you sell at Naturalcures.com?”

Its a question I get asked all the time and people are surprised when I say none!

“Why don’t you sell things? You could make a fortune!” is the next thing I hear.

Truly Independent

I did a quick tally and conservatively I would say that we list over 10,000 natural remedies and natural cures across 250 illnesses and medical conditions.

You are then free to buy the remedy from your local health food store, Amazon, other health websites… whatever floats your boat.

Occasionally….very occasionally when we recommend something, we might get a tiny piece of commission, known as an affiliate payment. You can usually tell when that is because you’ll click on a shiny banner or the link will look a little strange with lots of numbers tagged on to the end. While it helps fund some little extra’s it isn’t what funds the site.

When I say occasionally we have these – its probably on less than 2% of the products we recommend


No, it’s why we offer an information subscription service. Some have called it a wikipedia for natural remedies.

For a small month subscription fee, which you can cancel at any time, you get 24/7 access and that money goes towards developing research, web development and we hope a lovely shiny app in the future!

But Why don’t you sell?

Even after explaining the subscription argument, people (especially those with products to sell) still ask why we don’t do it. Well if you can imagine a “normal” natural heath website. They tell you that product X is amazing is the best thing that can help your illness. Then when they actually discover a better solution you would expect them to share it right?


It all depends on how many of “product X” they bought and paid for. It’s only when they are down to virtually zero that they then tell you about the super-duper “Product Y” which is now the best thing since sliced bread.

Here at Naturalcures.com we never have that problem. When you visit our Cures pages you know you are getting the independent view. On those cure pages you’ll find research, and more importantly a wide range of remedies and treatment information. Every person is different so will want different solutions

Become a subscriber

So there you have it. Our peers think we are crazy and wish us “Good luck in making that work” and yes it can be tough. We don’t have a staff or payroll, so rely on volunteers, researchers and subsidies from developers and graphic designers to make it work. We do get to feel good about it every day though!

So if you aren’t a subscriber – you can join up today and help us move the site forward in a way that spreads a great, positive message about Natural health around the world. You can join here

Have a Wonderful week!