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Description: Yogurt is a cultured dairy product which contains healthy bacteria such as acidophilus, that contributes to healthy digestive function. Yogurt can be made from any animal milk, including cow, goat, water buffalo, and sheep. It can easily be made at home using any milk, though it maintains its highest enzyme level if using raw milk. When making homemade yogurt (see recipe section), the milk remains raw, as it only needs to be heated to 115 degrees Fahrenheit to activate the culture.

What to look for: Organic yogurt made from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals.

Uses: Healing and soothing, as with kefir, yogurt is great in smoothies, spooned over a bowl of fruit, mixed with granola or any hot or cold cereal, excellent sour cream or buttermilk alternative in dips, sauces, quick bread or muffin recipes. It stands in beautifully when on a Candida diet and craving something thick and creamy.

Where to find: Local health food stores, online for goat milk, local farmers or farmers’ markets, make in your own kitchen (see recipe section).

Avoid: Inorganic varieties, especially those that contain sugar and gelatin, rather than natural yogurt culture.