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The Longevity You Can Be . . . Well At Any Age: Your Definitive Guide to Vibrant Health & Longevity


BookAuthor: Whiting, K. Steven, Ph.D.

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Description: Many, if not most, Americans go through life oblivious to facts they need in order to maintain the relatively good health they were born with. The result is premature aging and the early onset of chronic degenerative diseases. Modern Medicine, referred to as Conventional Medicine or Orthodox Western Medicine, is reactive in nature. The industry responds by running expensive tests to diagnose diseases, producing and prescribing drugs, and performing surgeries. In America, this industry generates over One Trillion Dollars in revenue yearly, close to $4,000.00 for every man, woman and child. The professionals are highly paid for treating symptoms of diseases; underlying causes are usually not addressed. Often, as patients’ conditions continue to worsen, additional drugs or stronger dosages are prescribed. Adverse side effects and reactions to these drugs, or combinations of drugs, often cause additional problems.

Those who read this book and embrace the concepts therein will learn how to take charge of their health. They will learn about time tested methods of disease prevention, management and even the reversal of over 250 chronic degenerative conditions, all without the use of drugs or surgery. In laymen terms, the author provides up to date information which was gathered on a global basis. Many of the protocols have been used in other societies successfully for thousands of years.