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Your health is written in the stars



sky and sun astrologyMedical Astrology is an ancient system that dates back to 2000 B.C. The medical astrologer uses the horoscope (birth chart) of an individual to point out strengths and weaknesses in the body, nutritional deficiencies and proneness to various health problems. It can be considered alternative medicine as based on various planetary combinations in the birth chart, the medical astrologer can point out effective treatment options as well as forecast potential times of stress. Medical astrology can not be used to diagnose disease. The medical astrologer can point you to a health practitioner in tune with your chart.


MARCH 2013

Knowing your Sun Sign is a step toward understanding your body as each sign has specific health issues and nutritional needs. The Sun will be in Pisces until March 20. Pisces is a water sign, sensitive and intuitive. In medical astrology Pisces rules the feet and also the immune system. Pisces may experience complaints around the feet and can be prone to such conditions as bunions, swollen feet and flat feet. Its strong sensitivity indicates a need to retreat at times and to avoid playing the role of a victim. Pisces needs to use psychic self defense. Pisces also has a strong sensitivity to medicine, drugs and alcohol and requires more sleep than other signs. Overindulgence can lead to water retention in the body as well as a chemical imbalance.

Foods helpful to Pisces includedates, raspberries, pineapple and cereal or whole grains. Vitamins A and C are needed to build up resistance to disease. Pisces needs chlorine, silica and iodine foods. Keep alcohol low. Foods such as cucumbers, almonds and melons aid in balancing the system. Irish Moss is a Pisces herb and contains iron and iodine. Foot massage and reflexology are beneficial for Pisces as well as homeopathy and the use of herbs. Rhythmic exercises such as dancing and swimming are helpful to Pisces. A creative sign, Pisces needs to allow time to fantasize.



Pisces is a water sign but all water signs benefit from water therapies such as swimming, saunas, nautical activities or hot baths. Water signs may have a tendency toward flabbiness so need to do strength training on a regular basis. Healing work and the creative arts are beneficial for all water signs. All water signs can get too involved in their own feelings and need to learn detachment.



Each month brings with it new planetary combinations in addition to the monthly lunar cycle. Any and all of the combinations that form can affect your personal health as well as that of your community, the part of the country that you live in and even global events.

The New Moon this month on March 11 is in Pisces. A New Moon falling in Pisces can bring up hidden issues. It can be a good time to embark on therapy or do some personal work on yourself. Pisces can be nebulous as well as spiritual and creative, but it can be difficult to know where to focus your energy. There is a need for substances that aid mental clarity and help reduce stress. Walnuts are excellent for the brain and the nerves. Eating Brazil nuts helps to restore mental energy. Cutting down on sugar can relieve nervous anxiety. Celery is a brain tonic.

Notable this month are the following planetary combinations:

On March 1 the Sun is trine Saturn: This is a combination of endurance, stability and discipline. There is willpower – to stop smoking, to begin a new diet, to start exercising. Also on March 1 the Sun is sextile Pluto: This is a combination of regeneration and vitality. You can overcome illness and fight infection. There is both inner and outer strength.

In terms of mental clarity and discipline, on March 7 Mercury is trine Saturn and sextile Pluto. This is a good day to begin a diet or a new health regimen. You will have discipline and determination. Mental concentration is also favored today. This combination gives mental energy and intensity. You will be able to work on difficult projects without fatigue. You will also find that your mind is alert with good powers of concentration.

Another favorable day is March 8 where Saturn is sextile Pluto. This combination gives tenacity and toughness. You are able to withstand stress. This is a time of tremendous discipline making it another good time to begin a diet or exercise regimen.

On March 22 Mars is conjunct Uranus falling in the sign of Aries, a headstrong and impatient sign. There can be a proneness to stress-related ailments such as headaches or hypertension. Thyme is useful for headaches. Peppermint tea has been known to dispel a headache. Biofeedback can be helpful in hypertension but this condition needs to be treated by a licensed health practitioner. You could also experience spasms or muscle cramps. Arnica lotion or ointment is useful for muscle cramps or muscle spasm. There is a craving for excitement and a tendency to take risks so use caution around machinery or electrical appliances to avoid accidents. Get rid of any dated appliances that could cause an electrical problem. A health problem could be resolved now by the use of a new or advanced form of treatment.

In terms of stress and pressure note that on March 31 the Sun is square Pluto and Venus is square Pluto. Though this is Easter Sunday the effects could last a day or two: Although Sun Pluto combinations can give resilience to the constitution, under this influence one tends to push too hard beyond what the body can endure. This can cause a breakdown in health both mentally and physically. You are more prone to stress-related illnesses at this time. This can also be an infectious combination. Use of the essential oils clary sage or lavender can help reduce stress. A drop of an essential oil can be placed on a heated light bulb to send a fragrance throughout a room. Siberian ginseng can help build up resistance to stress.

There can be a tendency toward fungus-like skin conditions which can be helped by tree tea oil. Sugar metabolism can be off so keep intake of sweets low for a few days. Chromium is an aid in metabolizing sugar.

The combination of Venus square Pluto can lead to sexual excess. Be sure to use proper precautions to avoid sexually transmitted disease. There can be excessive glandular secretions leading to skin complaints. Again tree tea oil used externally is an aid to skin disorders as is calendula lotion. You can have a difficulty metabolizing sugar at this time so should keep intake of sweets low.