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Your Wish is Your Command CD 1 Track 2


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Your Wish is Your Command CD 1 Track 2

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Who do you listen to and why should you listen to me? Is this information going to be different and unique from what you’ve experienced before?

Who do you listen to when you want to learn how to make money? 99% of the books written and seminars taught on how to get rich are produced by people who have never made any real money.

If someone is wealthy and writes a book on how to get rich – did you know that they never wrote that book? They sit with a ghostwriter, who asks them questions, and writes the book. That’s the first problem. You’re not getting their information.

The super wealthy categorically do not want anyone else to know their secrets of their success. They do not want competition. They’ve always believed that wealth is genetic, and if you don’t have that genetic makeup, you won’t be successful.

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