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Your Wish is Your Command CD 1 Track 4


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Your Wish is Your Command CD 1 Track 4

You can’t listen to people who write books or produce home study courses or teach seminars, because it hasn’t worked in their real life.
You can’t read books by the super wealthy, because they don’t write their own books. They don’t want you to know their secrets because they don’t want competition. They will give you wrong information on purpose so that you’ll achieve a little bit of success, but not that much.

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Where did I get this information from? The elite class set up secret societies where they could work together and benefit each other as a group. There are lots of secret societies all around the world. One of the largest ones is called the Brotherhood. It is a society of people that share information and secret knowledge of how the universe, and how as a human being you can be happy, healthy and make your desires come true.

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