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Your Wish is Your Command CD 1 Track 7


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Your Wish is Your Command CD 1 Track 7

When you’re in the society, you get a mentor and you become an apprentice. You learn directly from one person, and that’s how you’re trained. You always have a mentor, and even when you are a mentor and have an apprentice.

First you have to show that you are teachable before you are allowed in as a member.  Some groups you are allowed in but don’t learn anything until you’re at the top. What’s the qualification of being a member and getting to the highest levels and learning all the information? It is, are you teachable. If you’re not, you then disqualify yourself.

The first thing we’re taught is – not are we so smart, but actually, do we know how dumb we are. Do we know how much we don’t know? I’m going to listen to everything and I’m not going to challenge it by disagreeing, but I’m also not going to blindly follow it. I’m going to question it until I understand why it’s true. This is the most important concept.!

There is a teachability index, which will determine how teachable you are. You must consider this all the time. The first variable is what is your willingness to learn this information on a scale of 1 to 10. This index is learned in life or in any particular study.

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