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Tabouli Salad



Wonderful Wheat-free Tabouli Salad

Classic Middle Eastern salad using millet or quinoa instead of the traditional cracked wheat. Serve with bibb or romaine lettuce leaves for scooping, and kalamata olives on the side.

Salad Ingredients
1 Cmillet or quinoa
1 lbfirm, ripe, fresh tomatoes, cubed
1firm cucumber, preferably seedless, peeled and cubed
3green onions, thinly sliced
1 Cchopped fresh parsley
¼ Cchopped fresh mint
2lemon, juiced
½ Cextra virgin olive oil
sea salt and fresh ground pepper, to taste
½ Cpine nuts, toasted lightly
Rinse, soak and cook the millet or quinoa in 2 C water until just underdone, so that it is still a little crunchy. Let cool. Combine all ingredients; correct seasoning, adding more lemon juice if desired. Chill and serve.